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UTSI | Product details

UTSI, manufactured by SEMI, is a communications device powered by IDACS technology that enables remote devices to communicate with each other and adapt data transmission to different existing media. Fundamentally it can establish permanent or non permanent links of different kinds:

 Point to Point over PSTN, GSM, FO, TCP / IP
 Point to Multipoint via radio, RS485, ...

UTSI provides several customizable communication channels. Therefore it is a flexible solution to a wide range of connectivity problems. Each solution is based on the adaptation of the communications to the most suitable media depending on the characteristics of each particular scenario.

The main characteristics of UTSI are:

  Allows modular scalable solutions both at hardware and software level.
  Allows the integration of control and monitoring devices from different manufacturers.
  Concentrates information obtained from the different devices connected to it.
  It is a system expandable to any communication protocol based on FT1.2.
  Enables back-up lines.
  Low maintenance cost.
  Works with a real-time clock that can be synchronized externally.
  Complies with special electrical rules for electrical environments.

Example of architecture using UTSI: