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SERIALHUB | Product details

SerialHub-8 is an Idacs technology device, manufactured by SEMI to concentrate and multiplex communications over one physical link. SerialHub offers one master input / output and 8 input / output slaves which can be configured according to the needs of each system.

Different communications options (RS422, RS232 or FO) can be used by employing different SlotC communication modules for each slave. This use of diverse SlotC.IF allows the device to act not only as a communications hub but also adapting traffic from one physical media to another. Therefore, SerialHub is considered a flexible device allowing to solve various problems of communication between different equipment.

Serial-hub works in a simple way: every transmission received in the master line is forwarded to the 8 slave ports. Similarly any reception by any slave interface is transmitted by the master. This system can only be used with multidrop protocols without multicast .This way only one of the Slave processors answer the requests of the Master at a time.

The serial HUB incorporates 9 LED on the cover showing data transfer (8 for Slave ports and 1 for master slot) and a power/on indicator.