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MODCOM | Product details

ModCOM is a device manufactured and marketed by SEMI, capable of acting as adapter and communications multiplexer between different modes of transmission: RS232, RS485, RS422, glass and plastic fiber-optic. ModCOM offers a total of four communication ports:

 Two optocoupled serial ports which can be configured as RS232, RS485 or RS422 as required
 Two fiber-optic ports. Modcom is offered in three different configurations: Two plastic FO ports, two glass fiber-optic ports, or one of each.

The operating mode of the device and of each of its ports can be configured using the external DIP switches located on its underside.

ModCOM happens to be a highly adaptable equipment that can act as mere communication adapter or multiplexor, acting as a converter or Hub, respectively. It also incorporates a number of external signaling LEDS which are of great help to visually monitor the correct operation of the module, as well as each of its four communication ports.

ModCOM's small dimensions allow it to be mounted on DIN rail. It feeds at 48 Vdc and supports other power options on demand.
Can be installed in especially hostile environments since it is compliant with applicable electromagnetic standards and supports weather conditions required for industrial environments.