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SLOTC | Product details

The SlotC family is a set of modules or expansion cards that extend the communication options of Idacs, Setis, SerialHub or UTSI with any device via an asynchronous serial port. By using different SlotC cards a high level of customization is achieved. This way many different configurations can be installed in the field, each one adapted to the facility specific needs depending on the physical medium required for communications.

Available expansion modules are:

 IFRS485: RS-485/RS-422 interface with Phoenix Contact MC-1.5/6-GF-3.5 male connector.
 IFRS232: RS-232C interface with DB9 male connector.
 IFMD232: RS-232C with Phoenix Contact MC-1.5/4-GF-3.5 male connector, which allows the connection of an asynchronous multidrop serial bus with voltage levels between 0V and 10V.
 IFRTC: RTC modem interface with RJ11 connector. It can manage communications through the public switched telephone network (v90 until 56kbps) or point-to-point links using twisted-pair cable.
 IFFOP: Plastic or silicon HSC multimode fiber-optic interface with HP connector. Max. range: 100m. Max. transfer rate: 32.800bps
 IFFOV: Glass multimode fiber-optic interface with ST connector. Max. range: 2.7 km. Max. transfer rate: 115,200 bps.